I/O Expansion, Transmission Control, EGT

To complement your Megasquirt ECU’s main function of running your engine, options are available to expand the input/output capabilities or control an electronically shifted transmission.

Microsquirt IO-box – add wheel speed sensing,  more analogue inputs,  switch inputs and relay/solenoid outputs.

Microsquirt Transmission Control – allows electronic control of a range of automatic transmissions.

CANEGT – this third party device is tailored to Megasquirt and allows up to 8 exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensors and more.

GPIO – DIY assembled device for more inputs/outputs or transmission control.

Third-party devices

It is possible to connect some third-party devices to Megasquirt ECUs using CANbus communications. Check with your dash or datalogger supplier for compatability.



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