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Microsquirt ECU


MicroSquirt is the entry-level fully-assembled version of the MegaSquirt-2 ECU. Targeting engines with semi-sequential or batch-fire fuelling and wasted spark ignition. This uses Megasquirt-2 technology.


The Microsquirt is ready to support a wide variety of engines out of the box, with the ability to control anything with one to eight cylinders with batch fire fuel injection and up to four channels of logic ignition. This can be used for “coil on plug” on a four cylinder or wasted spark on a V8. Over 40 different ignition modes are supported, from mainstream applications like the GM LS1, Ford Zetec, Bosch Motronic, and Chrysler Gen III Hemis to unusual modes like Renix Jeeps and the Suzuki Swift GTI.

The case measures:
Length (end plate to end plate, not including flange): 70 mm
Length (end plate to end plate, including flanges): 95 mm
Width: 95 mm
Height (w/o connector): 43mm

Microsquirt Hardware features:

  • Freescale MC9S12 16 bit, 24 MHz processor
  • 2 saturated injector drivers (up to 4 hi-z injectors each)
  • 4* logic level ignition outputs (4cyl COP, 8cyl wasted)
  • 1 medium current PWM idle / general purpose outputs
  • 2 medium current (3 amp) general purpose outputs
  • Camshaft and crankshaft differential inputs – supports VR, Hall effect, and optical input
  • 12 volt tach output
  • Fuel pump output
  • 7 analog inputs (5 dedicated sensor inputs, 2 spare/general purpose)
  • 1 flex fuel or spare digital on/off input
  • RS232 and CAN communications
  • Temperature range: -40 to +85 degrees C

*3rd, 4th logic ignition outputs require a minor harness modification

Microsquirt Software features:

  • Supports speed density, alpha-N (TPS based), or MAF based fuel and spark tables
  • 0.66 microsecond injector pulse width resolution
  • Allows blending multiple load types, including specialized mode for independent throttle bodies
  • Supports a wide variety of OEM cam and crank position sensors
  • Accelerator pump or model based acceleration enrichment
  • Closed or open loop idle speed control
  • Closed or open loop boost control
  • On/off nitrous control
  • Wankel rotary support – 2 rotor engines with separate leading and trailing spark tables
  • Staged injection
  • Table switching
  • 16 x 16 fuel and spark tables
  • 2  step rev limiter (launch control) with no-lift shifting
  • Wideband AFR target table
  • Flex fuel sensor input
  • Real time barometric correction (external sensor required)
  • Sequential shift cut and air shifter control

Manuals are available here

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