Traditional Megasquirt

Traditional Megasquirt ECUs

Traditional Megasquirt ECUs

The Megasquirt product range offers from the ‘cheap and cheerful’ batch fire fuel-only in full DIY assembly to full sequential fuel and spark on a V8 with a pre-assembled ECU.

The low entry cost of the Megasquirt DIY range can be an excellent way to learn about fuel injection systems. Experienced customers can even extend the system with their own electronics or software. All traditional products are supplied in an ‘industrial’ style extruded aluminium case and use D-sub connectors for affordability.

Customers looking for a more off-the-shelf solution may want to consider the Microsquirt, Plug and Play, MS3-Pro or Gold box solutions.


The first generation Megasquirt was available from 2002, it uses an 8 bit microcontroller and offers excellent value for money within its limitations. Soon to become obsolete.

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The second generation Megasquirt uses a 16bit processor and greatly extends the internal capabilities. Fuel and spark are more precise. Far more OEM engine trigger patterns are supported. CANbus is supported for interfacing with add-ons and dashes.

The Megasquirt-2 technology is used in Microsquirt, MSPNP2 and other plug’n’play units based on the Microsquirt-module.

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Megasquirt-3 with MS3X

This uses a more powerful processor than Megasquirt-2 with a second core. Has full sequential fuel and spark up to 8 cylinders (12cyl fuel on MS3-Pro.) Improved high-RPM ignition stability over MS2. Many more hardware and software features. Built-in USB-serial adapter and SD-card datalogging.

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Megasquirt-3 without MS3X

This gives all the software features of the full Megasquirt-3 but does not include the driver board to support 8 channel fuel and spark, relay outputs or switch or analogue inputs. Included is batch-fire fuel, SD card logging and USB-serial.

This option may be of use to the more DIY orientated user who wants to add their own options or as an upgrade from Megasquirt-1 or Megasquirt-2.

Microsquirt module

The Microsquirt-module comes as a credit-card sized circuit board and is most often used to form the core of a packaged ECU. For example, the MSPNP2 range from DIYAutotune use the Microsquirt module at the heart. The module is specifically intended to form part of your product with licensed B&G hardware and firmware of your choice. It is not intended for novice end-users.

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